4th Jan 2022, Shah Alam – In the spirit of Chinese New Year, this year and continuing from the success of the previous CNY campaign in 2021, Yakult (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is back with its “Buy and Win” campaign again with new aims to foster the spirit of togetherness and prosperity during these challenging times.

A total of 288 sets of exclusive Prosperity Toss or Yee Sang gift boxes will be delivered weekly to lucky entrants during this campaign starting from 27 December 2021 until 23 January 2022. Yee Sang is an important part of the Chinese New Year celebration in Malaysia as it is believed to bring good prosperity, health and wealth to those who toss it up. Friends and families will gather around the dish and chant good wishes for various aspects of life, including abundant wealth, good health, safe travels, work promotions as they toss the Yee Sang.

Opened to all that are residing in Malaysia, anyone who purchases a minimum of 30 bottles of Yakult products in a single receipt is entitled to redeem a Yakult exclusive Chinese New Year angpow packet that comes with a unique QR code to participate in the campaign and stand a chance to win the Yee Sang gift box.
Everyone can redeem the angpow packet through purchases made either through Yakult Lady, promoters from retail outlets or directly from Yakult Malaysia. With each eligible entry sent through scanning the QR code, entrants will stand a chance to win the exclusive Yee Sang gift set. All Yee Sang gift sets will be delivered to the lucky winners before 1 February 2022.

For more details, please visit Yakult official website at www.yakult.com.my

According to Hiroshi Hamada, the Managing Director of Yakult (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., “Yee Sang” means growing prosperity, hence it’s the number-one preferred Chinese New Year dish. This year, there may not be large gatherings of families, friends or colleagues at restaurants for this prosperity toss. Thus, we hope through our exclusive Yee Sang gift box campaign, families can safely get together to celebrate and enjoy the Yee Sang toss at each home. This exclusive Yee Sang is Halal and we invite everyone to participate and let’s enjoy this auspicious food together with your loved ones.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all our supporters for your continuous support and hope that Yakult can continue to deliver health to everyone during this Chinese New Year festive season.

80% of immunity lies in our gut, thus regular consumption of probiotics improves our intestinal functions and leads to stronger immunity”.
This Chinese New Year campaign initiative is in line with Yakult’s corporate philosophy which is “We contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world.”

Yakult probiotic drinks are consumed daily by 40 million people in 40 countries worldwide for their good bacteria known as Shirota strain, which is scientifically proven to help in improving the function of the gut, where the immune system resides. Yakult drinks are fully made in Malaysia at its high-technology production plant in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and are certified Halal by JAKIM.

Yakult 送上“威虎报喜齐捞起”精美鱼生礼盒!

(莎亚南3日讯) 继2021年的新春佳节活动获得极好的响应,今年,本着庆祝农历新年的精神,Yakult马来西亚有限公司再次举办购买Yakult赢奖品活动,希望可以在这段充满挑战的时期巩固人民团结的精神。