Dear valued customer,

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 comes into force on 15 November 2013 by the Government to regulate the processing including collection, recording, holding or storing of personal data, and carrying out of any operation on personal data for commercial transaction to safeguard the interests of data subject. However under the Act, it does not retrain a party from processing data if the processing is done legitimately in accordance with its principles. We, YAKULT (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. aimed to serve you as our customer a notice pertaining to your rights in respect of your personal data that is being processed, to be collected for further processed by us and the purpose for the data processing.

In view of the enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010, we are strongly concerned to ensure the proper use and maintain of personal data for your benefit. Your name, phone number, identification number, email address & other information you submitted are solicited ONLY for the specified purpose and will not be shared for other purpose.

Please read this Privacy Notice to understand how we use the personal information we collected from you. By providing your Personal Information to us, you are consenting to this Privacy notice and the collection, access, transfer, use, storage and processing of your personal information.

The personal data previously collected from you is being, and will continue to be used for purposes:

  1. To process your membership application
  2. To manage your account
  3. To update your status as a member
  4. To provide better customer service
  5. To process your payment transactions
  6. To conduct market research
  7. For administration and/or marketing purposes including your participation in our events and/or contests
  8. To respond to your enquiries via call, email, letter, or any means of social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.)
  9. To send newsletter to all subscribers
  10. To confirm, update and enhance your records
  11. To fulfill your request
  12. To personalize your experience with us
  13. To provide you with information about our products or services
  14. For internal analysis purposes
  15. To share information about our products or services that best matches your interest
  16. To be used for targeting on third party platforms (social media, Google, SMS) to deliver information that is most relevant to you

Your personal data will be kept confidential but such personal data may be provided to the following parties for the purpose stated above:

  1. Any agents, service providers and/or sub contractors of Yakult Malaysia
  2. Or/and any other person(s) required or permitted by law or any regulatory authority
  3. All parties mentioned above are required to protect the confidentially of the personal data they received.

If you would like to make any enquiries, request access or correction of your Personal Data, you may contact our Customer Service Officer at 1800-88-8960 from 8.00am to 5.00pm (Monday to Friday) or you can contact us through our Contact Form.

We may change our Privacy Notice from time to time and if there is/are any revision(s), it will be posted on our website in compliance with PDPA.