15th January 2021 – Moving into the Year of the Ox, Yakult (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. has organized a Buy & Win Contest to reward their consumers who have been supporting them all these years.

This Chinese New Year Buy & Win Contest is open to all Malaysians and will kick start from 15th January 2021 ending on 14th February 2021. A total of more than RM 11,000 cash and prizes are to be won by lucky entrants. Just follow these three easy steps as below to join the contest:

1. Purchase a minimum of RM18 of any Yakult products in a single receipt from any retail outlets, online stores or through Yakult Lady, Home Delivery Service nationwide.

2. Take a clear photo or screenshot of the official receipt/E-receipt.

3. WhatsApp the clear receipt picture and provide details as required (full name as per IC, IC number and mailing address) to +6011-5858 9784.

For every purchase of at least RM18 in a single receipt, participants are entitled to one entry and every incremental purchase will increase the number of entries. With each eligible entry sent, participants can redeem one set of Yakult exclusive angpow packet (while stocks last!). In addition, participants also stand a chance to win the weekly lucky draw prizes and the grand prizes during the contest period. Participants are encouraged to submit as many entries as possible to stand a higher chance to win more prizes. Seven lucky eligible entrants will be chosen weekly through a computer-generated system to win Touch & Go e-wallet reload worth RM88. Furthermore, three eligible entrants with the most entries throughout the contest period will walk away with the grand prize, cash worth RM2888. For more details about the contest, please visit to Yakult website at www.yakult.com.my

According to Hiroshi Hamada, the Managing Director of Yakult (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., “This year, while people are still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to bring a little enjoyment and cheer to all our loyal supporters by organizing this Chinese New Year Buy & Win Contest. I would like to extend my appreciation to all our supporters for your continuous support to us. In addition, we also wanted to take this opportunity to encourage Malaysians to maintain a healthy gut through the regular consumption of Probiotics, because 70% of our immunity lies in the gut. So, it’s important to keep our gut strong”.

Besides having the Buy and Win Contest, the company has also released their Chinese New Year campaign video, “Miles Apart, But Close at Heart” which will be aired on Astro Chinese channels, YouTube and Yakult’s social media platforms from mid-January onwards. “The video is about a story of a nurse working far from her hometown during the festive season and due to the pandemic situations, she is not able to celebrate Chinese New Year with her family. Although they are far apart from each other, they still cherish the festive moment together in a special way virtually and with Yakult drinks to accompany them. We hope by watching this video, it will remind all of us to always cherish family bonding at all times, no matter where we are and what situation we are in”, he added.

This Chinese New Year campaign initiative is in line with Yakult’s corporate philosophy which is “We contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world”.

Yakult probiotic drinks are consumed daily by 40 million people in 40 countries worldwide for their good bacteria called Shirota strain, which is scientifically proven to help in improving the function of the gut, where the immune system resides. Yakult drinks are fully made in Malaysia at its high-technology production plant in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and are certified Halal by JAKIM.

Yakult 在这个辛丑年回馈忠实消费者主办新春购买赢豪礼喜迎辛丑年

2021年1月15日 – 即将迈入辛丑牛年,Yakult马来西亚有限公司主办新春购买赢豪礼活动以回馈这些年一直支持Yakult产品的消费者。


1. 在单一收据里消费满18令吉的Yakult益生菌饮品,可通过零售店,网店或者Yakult Lady宅配服务购买。

2. 将官方收据或者电子收据拍照或截图。

3. 将清晰的收据照片或截图以及个人资料(姓名,身份证号码和邮件地址)发送至Whatsapp +6011-5858 9784.

每一张消费满18令吉的单一收据可兑换一个活动码,而每次增加购买数额也会增加活动码。每一个活动码可让参加者兑换1套Yakult限量版精致红包封(存货送完为止!)。另外,参加者也有机会在活动期间赢取每周幸运抽奖的奖品和大奖。参加者可呈交多次参赛资料以增加获奖的几率。每周通过电脑自动抽奖系统选出的7位幸运儿将会获得价值88令吉的Touch & Go 电子钱包充值额。此外,在活动期间消费最高的3位参加者将有机会赢走总价值2888令吉的现金大奖。 欲知更多活动详情,请浏览Yakult官方网页 www.yakult.com.my


除了新春购买赢豪礼活动,Yakult公司也发布了新春佳节活动的视频,“距离遥远,心却相联”,并将于一月中旬开始陆续在Astro中文台,YouTube 和Yakult社交媒体平台播出。他补充道,“这个视频述说了一位离乡背井工作的护士在佳节期间由于疫情关系无法和家人团聚庆祝新春佳节的故事。尽管彼此相距遥远,他们依然用特别的线上方式一起珍惜佳节时刻并且有Yakult益生菌饮料相伴在侧。我们希望通过观看该视频,它可以提醒我们无论身在何处,处于任何情况,都要时时刻刻珍惜与家人之间的联系。”