Yakult’s sixth community campaign (Healthy Gut, Healthy & Long Life) with Perak local community

Sitiawan, 19 th August 2023 – Yakult, the renowned probiotic drink brand, is pleased to share the successful completion of its recent event, “Healthy Gut, Healthy & Long Life” which took place on 19th August 2023 at SJKC UK ING in Sitiawan. This event marked Yakult’s sixth community campaign this year, dedicated to promoting overall well-being within the community.

This program intended to increase awareness related to gut health, increase participants’ knowledge of the importance of early screening to prevent the spread of colorectal cancer cells and improve public knowledge related to healthy lifestyle practices through a balanced diet. Colon cancer screening through the Immunological Faecal Occult Blood Test (iFOBT) can detect colon cancer at an early stage. Thus, a total of 100 iFOBT kits were distributed throughout the program.

The event featured an engaging health talk by distinguished General Surgeon, Dr Fong Kah Yeung from Pantai Hospital Manjung, who shared valuable tips to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and maintaining a healthy gut for optimal well-being. Dietitian, Ms Chai Yen provided expert advice on healthy eating habits and nutrition, further enhancing attendees’ understanding of the subject. Throughout the event, Yakult shared information on the benefits of probiotics, highlighting their positive impact on gut function and overall well-being.

This program received a good response from the community, local government and non-government organisations. Exhibitors from Pantai Hospital Manjung, Manjung District Health Office and Pure Sound Tech Enterprise provided additional resources and information to support participants’ health and well-being goals, enriching the overall event experience. Yakult extends its gratitude to all attendees who attended this community event, furthering their knowledge on fostering a strong gut. The event’s success was a testament to the collective commitment towards promoting a healthier future.

For the record, Yakult probiotic drinks help strengthen our gut, the area where 80% of the immune system resides. Each bottle contains 30 billion Shirota strain probiotics that can reach the gut alive. Shirota strain probiotic bacteria improve gut function are acknowledged in the Malaysian Food Act & Regulations. Yakult probiotic drinks are certified Halal by JAKIM and manufactured in the Yakult factory in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Every day 40 million people in 40 countries and territories worldwide drink Yakult to strengthen their gut function.

For further information, visit Yakult website at www.yakult.com.my.

Yakult 于霹雳州主办第六场社区活动 “健康肠道、健康长寿”

实兆远2023年8月19日讯 – 闻名益生菌饮品品牌Yakult 已于2023年8月19日位于实兆远育英华小成功主办主题为“健康肠道、健康长寿” 的社区活动。这项活是Yakult 今年主办的第六场社区活动,致力促进社区人民整体的健康。

该活动倾向于提升参与者们对于肠道健康方面的醒觉意识,让他们了解早期筛检以预防大肠癌扩散的重要性,并学习如何通过均衡饮食来实践健康生活方式。免疫粪便潜血测试(iFOBT)可被用来筛检早期的大肠癌。整场活动一共分发了100 个 iFOBT 试剂盒。

来自曼绒班台医院杰出的外科医生,冯家扬医生是此次活动的演说人之一。他在活动中分享了一系列减低大肠癌风险与维持肠道健康的宝贵秘诀。饮食治疗师,杨彩燕,亦在活动上献出如何吃得健康与营养方面的专业知识,让参与者们对主题有更深层的了解。在此次活动中,Yakult 分享了关于益生菌的好处,并强调益生菌对于改善肠道功能和整体健康的良好影响。

这次的社区活动获得本地居民,政府以及非政府组织的热烈响应。来自曼绒班台医院、曼绒县卫生局以及 Pure Sound Tech Enterprise 的展览者们也提供许多额外的资源和讯息以支持参与者们达到健康与幸福的目标,丰富了整体的活动体验。

Yakult 欲感谢所有出席此次社区活动的参与者,让他们得以巩固健康肠道方面的知识。该活动的成功是迈向健康未来的其中一项证明。

Yakult 益生菌饮品帮助强化我们的肠道,也是80%免疫系统的所在地。每瓶Yakult 含有300亿Shirota 益生菌,可活着到达肠子。Shirota 益生菌已获得马来西亚食品法令与条规的认可可改善肠道功能。Yakult 益生菌饮品获得JAKIM清真认证,并在芙蓉森美兰州的工厂生产。全球每天有40个国家4000万个人都在饮用Yakult 以强化他们的肠道功能。