Yakult’s Healthy Eating, Healthy Gut Event Successfully Promotes Community Well-Being

Kluang, 15th July 2023 – Yakult, the renowned probiotic drink brand, is pleased to share the successful completion of its recent event, “Healthy Eating, Healthy Gut,” which took place on 15th July 2023 at SJKC Chong Hwa 2 in Kluang. This event marked Yakult’s fifth community campaign this year, dedicated to promoting overall well-being within the community.

The event featured an engaging health talk by distinguished Paediatrician, Dr Tan Peng Ji from KPJ Kluang, who shared valuable insights on maintaining a healthy gut for optimal well-being. Nutritionist Ms Teo Choon Huey provided expert advice on healthy eating habits and nutrition, further enhancing attendees’ understanding of the subject.

In the morning, they started with an invigorating aerobic session, allowing participants to kickstart their day with an energy boost. Throughout the event, Yakult shared information on the benefits of probiotics, highlighting their positive impact on gut function and overall well-being.

Exhibitors from Avon, Pusat Kesihatan Daerah Kluang, and Pusat Pergigian Daerah Kluang provided additional resources and information to support participants’ health and well-being goals, enriching the overall event experience. In addition to the health talks and exhibits, the event also featured a coloring contest for children. The contest was open to all children who attended the event, and the winners were awarded prizes from Yakult.

The Healthy Eating, Healthy Gut event was honored by the presence of esteemed guests, including Mr Hiroki Yanase, Managing Director of Yakult Malaysia, Mr Gan Chin Guan, The Chairman of the Headmasters’ Council of SJKC Kluang and Mr Yow Chee Choy, SJKC Chong Hwa Administrative Assistant Principal II who added their support and encouragement to the event.

During his address, Mr Hiroki Yanase emphasized the importance of prioritizing health in our fast-paced lives. “This event exemplifies our ongoing dedication to the community’s health and well-being,” said Mr Yanase. “By providing valuable insights and practical knowledge, we empower individuals to make informed decisions and adopt healthier lifestyles. Together, we can build a stronger and healthier society.”

Yakult extends its gratitude to all attendees who attended this community event, furthering their knowledge on fostering a strong gut through a healthy diet. The event’s success was a testament to the collective commitment towards promoting a healthier future.

Yakult “均衡饮食、健康肠道” 活动成功促进社区的整体健康幸福感

居銮,2023年7月15日 – 著名益生菌饮品品牌,Yakult,于2023年7月15日位于居銮中华华小(二)校成功举办一场主题为“均衡饮食、健康肠道“的活动。这项活动是Yakult 今年度第五项社区活动,旨在促进社区的整体健康和幸福感。


当天早上,活动由进行有氧运动开始,让参与者们活力满满开启新的一天。Yakult 在活动中分享益生菌的好处,并强调益生菌对于肠道功能和整体健康良好的影响。

来自Avon、居銮县卫生局和居銮县牙医局的展览参与者亦在该活动将额外的资源和资讯分享给参与者,丰富了整体的活动体验。除了健康讲座和展览之外,该活动也涵盖了儿童填色比赛环节。该比赛开放予所有到场参加活动的儿童们,得奖者亦获得Yakult 所颁发的奖品。

该“均衡饮食、健康肠道“活动荣获贵宾们,包括Yakult马来西亚董事经理,梁濑弘樹先生, 居銮华校校长理事会主席颜振源先生以及中华华小行政助理主任姚知才先生, 对活动献上支持与鼓励。


Yakult 感谢所有参与者们的热情支持,一同学习如何通过均衡饮食强化肠道。该活动的成功是迈向健康未来的其中一项证明。