Yakult’s tenth community event “Understanding Gut Health for a Healthy Gut” engaged with Penang local community

Penang, 17th December 2023 – Yakult, the renowned probiotic drinks brand, is pleased to share the successful completion of its recent event, “Understanding Gut Health for a Healthy Gut” held on 17th December 2023 at Kwong Wah Function Hall. This event marked Yakult’s tenth community campaign this year, devoted to promoting overall well-being in the community.

The program aimed to raise public health awareness, focusing on helping people understand the symptoms of colorectal cancer and the importance of early screening. Attendees also gained insights into practicing a healthy lifestyle through balanced nutrition.

The event featured an engaging health talk by distinguished Resident Consultant who specialises in Gastroenterology/Hepatology, Dr Ooi Eng Keat, and Clinical Dietitian Ms Low Wan Theng from Gleneagles Hospital Penang, by sharing valuable knowledge about colorectal cancer, colonoscopy and tips to maintain a healthy gut for optimal well-being.

This program received a positive response from the local community, attracting about 80 participants in total. The objective of this event aligns with Yakult’s corporate philosophy which is to contribute to health and happiness of people around the world.

Exhibitors from Gleneagles Hospital Penang, Homey Nutrition, and Eyeplus Optometrist also provided additional checkups to enrich the overall event experience.

Yakult probiotic drinks help strengthen our gut, where 80% of the immune system resides. Each bottle contains 30 billion Shirota strain probiotics that can reach our gut alive. Shirota strain is acknowledged in the Malaysian Food Act & Regulations to improve gut function. Yakult probiotic drinks are certified Halal by JAKIM and manufactured in the Yakult factory in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. 40 million people in 40 countries and territories worldwide drink Yakult to strengthen their gut function every day.

For further information, visit Yakult website at www.yakult.com.my.

Yakult 场社区活动增加 肠”享健康于槟州举办

槟城20231217日讯 – 闻名益生菌饮品品牌Yakult 于2023年12月17日在光华展馆举办主题为“增加肠识、肠享健康”社区活动。这项活动是Yakult 今年举办的第十场社区活动,致力促进社区人们的健康。




来自槟城鹰阁医院、Homey Nutrition以及 EyePlus Optometrist的展览者们也提供一系列的检查,丰富了整体的活动体验。

Yakult 益生菌饮品有助于强化我们的肠道,也是80%免疫系统的所在地。每瓶Yakult 含有300亿Shirota 菌,可活着到达肠子。Shirota菌已获得马来西亚食品法令与条规的认可可改善肠道功能。Yakult 益生菌饮品获得JAKIM清真认证,并在芙蓉森美兰州的工厂生产。全球每天有40个国家4000万个人都在饮用Yakult 以强化他们的肠道功能。