Yakult Chinese New Year Campaign 2024 Brings You Tons of Good Fortune

4th January 2024 – Yakult Malaysia is back with their annual Chinese New Year Buy & Win Campaign! The campaign has been receiving encouraging response from consumers based on the past experiences, and thus, Yakult Malaysia would like to continue the tradition of bringing prosperity and joy to their loyal consumers through this Buy & Win Campaign. Year of the Dragon symbolizes abundance of good luck, good health and strength. Aligned with Yakult’s main aim of bringing happiness and health to all, this Yakult CNY Buy & Win Campaign 2024 will kick start on the 4th of January, 2024 and end on the 4th of February, 2024.

A total of prizes worth up to RM28,888 will be given out throughout the whole campaign period. Every week, Yakult will randomly select 75 lucky entrants, whereby each of them will receive either RM66, RM88, RM188 or RM288 of cash prizes (Touch & Go e-wallet reload). In addition to the attractive weekly cash prizes, loyal consumers will be anticipating the grand prize at the end of the campaign, which is the 5g mini 916 gold Yakult bottle! Five lucky entrants will be receiving the grand prize. The mini gold Yakult bottle is specially designed and handcrafted, which symbolizes prosperity, good fortune and health.

This CNY Buy & Win Campaign is opened to all residents who are residing in Malaysia. With a minimum purchase of 20 bottles of Yakult products in a single receipt, redeem an exclusive set of Chinese New Year angpow that comes with a unique QR code to participate in the campaign, and to stand a chance to win the weekly cash prizes, and even the grand prize. Everyone can now redeem the angpow packet through purchases made either through Yakult Lady, promoters from the retail outlets or directly from Yakult Malaysia. The detail of this campaign is now available at Yakult Malaysia official website, www.yakult.com.my.

According to Hiroki Yanase, the Managing Director of Yakult Malaysia, “I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and I hope this Dragon year Chinese New Year campaign will bring you abundance of blessings, health, good fortune and infinity joy.”

“Additionally, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to all our loyal supporters for your continuous support on Yakult products. We hope that you and your loved ones will continue to drink Yakult every day to strengthen your intestines, especially during this Chinese New Year season.” he added.

Yakult probiotic drink works to strengthen our gut, where 80% of immune system resides. Each bottle of Yakult contains more than 30 billion of Shirota strain probiotics that are proven to reach the intestine alive. Yakult probiotic drinks are certified Halal by JAKIM and are fully manufactured in the Yakult factory in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Every day, there is 40 million people in 40 countries and territories worldwide drink Yakult to strengthen their gut function.

2024 Yakult《好运龙重来》农历新年活动为您捎来好福气

莎亚南,202414日讯 – 由Yakult马来西亚主办的一年一度农历新年赢奖品活动又回来啦!根据以往的经验,该新年活动获得顾客们热烈的响应与支持,因此Yakult公司欲延续往年的传统,通过新年赢奖品活动为忠实消费者们带来昌盛与欢乐。龙年象征着满满的好运气,健康与能量。本年度Yakult农历新年赢奖品活动将于2024年1月4日起开始进行至2024年2月4日,符合Yakult 为大家带来无限欢乐与健康的宗旨。

活动期间将送出总价值超过28,888令吉的奖品。Yakult会在每个星期随机抽取75名幸运儿,每位幸运儿将获得价值高达66令吉,88令吉,188令吉或288令吉的现金奖(Touch & Go电子钱包充值)。除了每个星期送出的现金奖品之外,忠实消费者们也可期待活动的超级大奖,那就是重达5克的916迷你Yakult金瓶子!五位超级幸运儿将会收获此大奖。该迷你Yakult金瓶子是特别设计和定制的,象征财富,福气和健康。

此新年赢奖品活动开放给所有居住在马来西亚的居民。在单一收据里购买至少20瓶Yakult益生菌饮品就可获得一套精美红包封。每个红包封上都会有参加活动竞赛的独特二维码,符合资格的参加者们将有机会赢取每个星期送出的现金奖,甚至是超级大奖。如今,每个人可在购买产品之后通过Yakult 小姐,零售店的推销员或者直接向Yakult公司换取红包封。欲知更多活动详情,可浏览Yakult 马来西亚官网 www.yakult.com.my

Yakult马来西亚的董事经理梁濑弘樹说道: “我要恭祝大家新年快乐,好运龙重来!希望这次的龙年赢奖品活动会带给大家更多的祝福,健康,好福气和无限的快乐。”


Yakult益生菌饮料可强化我们的肠道,即是80%免疫系统的聚集地。每瓶Yakult含有超过300亿的Shirota益生菌菌种,它们可活着抵达我们的肠道。Yakult益生菌饮品被马来西亚回教发展局JAKIM认证为清真产品,并在芙蓉森美兰州的工厂生产。全球有40个国家和区域 4000万个人每日饮用Yakult来强化肠道功能。